jeudi 10 juillet 2008

Remember me by Preston Gannaway

“This photograph was taken as part of a larger documentary project titled Remember Me. Carolynne passed away in February of 2007. I’ve spent almost two years following the family, both before Carolynne’s death and afterwards.”

“When this image was made, I had stopped by their house to spend a little time with them as Carolynne’s husband Rich was leaving for a business trip. I knew that Carolynne, whose strength was quickly diminishing, was worried about taking care of EJ. After shooting for a while, I hesitated leaving the house because I was concerned to leave them alone. The next day, Carolynne fell while carrying EJ down the stairs. It was a turning point for the family when they realized that Carolynne couldn’t care for the kids on her own. I think this photo illustrates that turning point. Watching Carolynne and EJ that day, I started to understand the strain that sickness was putting on their relationship.” Preston Gannaway, son site.

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