mardi 23 novembre 2010

Igor Savchenko

Alphabet of Gestures
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We no longer have
A constant flow of sunlight.
Light appears to us
As a sequence of transient storms.
Everything around us is lit up for brief instants.
The world picture shimmers.
But moments of light and darkness
Still alternate too fast,
For us to notice them.
We still believe
The visible picture is steady.
In fact the storms of sunlight
Blow past more rarely and less regularly.
Darkness has been gathering.
Uncertainty keeps growing.
The visual picture
Is gradually being replaced
By its speculative model.
But this we can only guess at
From indirect signs -
Inexplicable and sudden failures
While photographing the moments which
Miss just another sunlight storm.
We ourselves fail to notice that
Our perception of the world is changing.
We ourselves are changing.
The consequences are not yet clear.

Igor Savchenko
Minsk, February 1996
Russian-English translation: Mark Bence, the author, 1996

vendredi 19 novembre 2010

samedi 13 novembre 2010

Lynn Saville

Number 39, New York
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Tim Simmons

Phoenix, Arizona
"In my work as a photographic artist, my intention is to alter our perception of the known landscape. Using the craft and disciplines of studio still life photography, each scene is illuminated to reveal an undiscovered world. The lighting serves to draw the viewer directly into the image, inviting them to participate, and experience it in a different way. My aim is to impart a visual clarity; a sublime moment; a space for personal contemplation..." Tim Simmons
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Nelli Palomäki

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Nadine Rovner

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lundi 8 novembre 2010

Rodney Smith

Skyline, 1995

"In the Spring of 1995 I was commissioned by the New York Times Magazine to do this picture. I had already done two others in this series, and by now these pictures were referred to as “the line pictures.” Earlier, I had done Hemline and Airline, and now I was asked to shoot Skyline. The only directive was to have the New York skyline in the picture.

We had found a barge that was large enough to put the crew in the middle of the Hudson River. The day of the shoot, it was raining. I remember the Art Director asking me if we should cancel and reshoot another day. I also remember feeling that shooting that day was fine, and that the rain, rather than a deterrent, was an asset. I have always liked rain. It adds an atmosphere that I am attracted to. It makes things enigmatic, dimensional, and unresolved.

It took some hours to get the barge in place, and by then it was raining quite hard. We got everyone dressed quickly, positioned the barge, and shot the picture very quickly. I remember that the barge would drift slowly, and I found myself waiting for just the right moment, when the man’s hat fell between the Twin Towers. I took a few frames and then the job was done." Rodney Smith

The End Starts Here

samedi 6 novembre 2010

Lottie Davis

Viola As Twins
"It's a very sunny, positive atmosphere. Viola (my three year old) runs up to me with her arms open wide, calling "mummy, mummy", a big smile across her face. As she gets closer another Viola coming from behind her does exactly the same thing. The whole atmosphere shifts, turning the dream into a nightmare. I'm left speechless, wondering who the second girl is and, by the same token, if the first one is really my little girl at all."
My project 'Memories and Nightmares' is concerned with making images inspired by narratives of individual experiences, both real and fictional. Lottie Davis
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