dimanche 30 janvier 2011

vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Milton Rogovin

Photo de la série 'Native Americans'. Milton Rogovin est mort le 18 janvier à 101 ans. Lire la nécrologie écrite par Benjamin Genocchio dans le New York Times.

lundi 10 janvier 2011

Michelle Frankfurter

Cimetière national, Port-au-Prince, Haïti, 1994

“I took this photograph during a funeral service in Haiti’s National Cemetery in Port-au-Prince. The sprawling cemetery in Haiti’s capital city lies at sea level; therefore, the tombstones are raised above ground. Nevertheless, because Haiti is so heavily deforested, flash floods occurring during the rainy season send water cascading from the hills where it rushes through the cemetery, often flushing out caskets along with their human remains. Although I was present in Haiti during one of its many tumultuous periods of political unrest, when violent killings were a nearly daily event, this particular funeral was unrelated to the then current state of conflict. Nonetheless, death and funerals are never ending in Haiti. I had taken several photographs showing the larger overall scene: a group of about fifty mourners perched like a flock of solemn birds amid a landscape of raised tombstones. I eliminated most of the literal context of the image; the tight perspective resulted in an ambiguous photograph.” (via Verve)
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Glenn Campbell

Levitating Blue Heeler. Urandangi, Australia 1997

“Every one says ‘Oh Man! I just love that jumping dog shot.’ Oh Gawd! It was taken 13 years ago, when (with hindsight) I knew pretty much nothing about everything… there are so many reasons why that shot drives me crazy! I made it in Urandangi, a town that no one’s heard of, of a bloke named Ray, who’s sadly passed away since. So, regardless of all I’ve done since and all I’ll do in the future, I’m the jumping dog guy. I’ll be carrying around ‘The levitating Blue Heeler from Urandangi’, publicly scoffing it , secretly enjoying it, quietly ruminating on its imperfections and wondering how good it could have been. Wanting so much to just leave it behind… Wanting even more to take a better one.” (via Verve)
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