jeudi 10 juillet 2008

Football aborigène par Jesse Marlow

“I made this photo at a community called Papunya which is in the Central Australian desert. It’s from my book Centre Bounce: Football from Australia’s Heart which documents the game of Australian Rules Football as it’s played by Indigenous Australians living in the remote Northern Territory. I worked on this project on and off for 5 years and this was one of the last photos I shot for the series. Minutes before the game started this young boy appeared, and set off walking around the perimeter of the ground with a cup of lime marking out the boundary line. I followed him around the whole ground but it was as he returned to his starting point that the scene began to work as a photo. It’s one of my favorite images from the book because I feel it perfectly depicts the grass-roots style of football being played in the spectacular landscape of the Australian desert." Jesse Marlow, son site.

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