lundi 18 janvier 2010

Rodney Smith

"Early on in my years of doing assignment work, I was asked to work for Coach, the manufacturer of leather goods. The campaign was entitled Descendants of Famous People. I think I did three or four of these ads, but the one I would like to discuss is one I did with a young woman who was a descendant of Babe Ruth. It felt natural, and obviously appropriate, to shoot this picture at Yankee Stadium in New York. I remember that this 20 year old woman lived in another state, so she did not arrive until the morning of the shoot. On that morning, we (the talent, myself, the stylist, the hair and makeup person, assistants, etc.) all met at the location van. The woman appeared quite sad, forlorn, and uncomfortable. She obviously was not used to the attention. Her true life had no relation to the glory of Babe Ruth. She only had his genes. She was raised in a very humble manner, and carried herself with her head down, and with an extreme, uncomfortable self-consciousness." La suite à The End Starts Here.

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