vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Robert Capa, Trotsky à Copenhague

In November 1932, the great Robert Capa was just a beginner photojournalist. That month, he received his first significant assignment as a photojournalist when his superiors at Dephot (a famous photoagency that the time) sent to him Copenhagen, Denmark to cover a speech being given there by the exiled revolutionary Leon Trotsky.
Trotsky was lecturing Danish students on the history of the Russian revolution on November 27, 1932. Capa smuggled his inconspicuous Leica into the stadium and position himself near to where Trotsky was speaking and clandestinely snapped a series of photographs that superbly captured the energy of the impassioned Russian orator and the drama of the moment, so much so that Berlin’s Der Welt Spiegel devoted a full page to Capa’s photographs. It was Capa’s first published story. Via Iconic Photos

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